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Sometimes it feels good to finally bind off a knitting project (like the sock – which is finally done and dusted – there done, ticked off the list and filed away under “reference” *). And occasionally there is a sense of loss that something you’ve devoted so much love and time to is going to a new home. That’s why I often cast on a new project before I bind off the old one. This week I finished  three projects, two of which have been hanging around for a while and cast on four more (yes, four, you’ll be hearing a lot about then no doubt).

The final finished project is the beautiful Alpaca Cotton Cowl. I treated you to a sneaky peek, but now here it is in all it’s finished glory.

I can tell you, it’s the warmest, fluffiest thing I’ve worn round my neck ever! Sadly, it’s going to a new home and so there’s nothing for it but to cast on one for myself! Everyone who sees it wants it and so I think there will be a few on the needles come Autumn, destined to be Christmas gifts for friends and family (form and orderly queue please!)

I’ve also been thinking about felting. I rarely felt my knitting deliberately, but having seen a couple of lovely bags made by Fibre + Clay customers lately, I’m tempted to have a go. So, I began swatching some colours and yarns, then deliberately put my beautiful knitting in the washing machine! It breaks my heart when I accidentally felt a finished knit or crochet piece, it happens far too often for my liking – mainly I will admit because I don’t take enough care sorting laundry!

So, now the swatches are blocking and I’m sketching out patterns and planning colourways for stripy fingerless gloves and cowls, and an idea I have for a stripy make up case.

But … the snow drops are out … and there is a definite feeling of spring in the air …  so it’s time to put away all the heavy, sweater patterns I didn’t quite get round to and start planning summer knitting, I’m making a list of all those “itty bitty” projects that can sit on your lap without overheating you, toys, cowls and purses like these:

(Which I have to admit are not my work, but the creation of a customer at Fibre + Clay). You can buy the patterns on Ravelry, and I have to say they are so clear and easy to follow, you can whip up a beaded purse in no time. Just thing for in between weeding!


* I should say, after knitting on and off for more than 40 years I never felt the need to knit a sock and after a week of nothing but knitting in circles, with the occasional break to turn a heel and a bit of short row shaping I doubt I’ll knit another!

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  1. I think that if you looked at Cat Bordhi’s ‘New Pathways for Sock’s’ book you will find there can be lot more to socks than going round and round with the occasional heel shape and short row ;) The socks in that book are mathematical challenging and the construction and patterns need a lot of ‘paying attention’.
    Love the cowl and look forward to some felted projects


  2. Tracey Todhunter

     /  February 24, 2011

    Thank you for the book recommendation Heike you are right, I think I need a more challenging pattern to keep my interest so I’ll be looking up that book and maybe have a pair to show next time your at Fibre and Clay.
    Tracey x


  3. Jill

     /  February 24, 2011

    Love, love , love the cowl. Want it, want it now :-)


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