A Post About Tolerance … and Hope …

I love being part of the great blogging community. It’s a place where I have come to know some amazing, talented, generous people. Women who make me laugh out loud,who inspire me to keep making, communities who just keep finding creative ways to live and “be” together and makers who pass on their knowledge freely and with generosity.

Then there are bloggers like J. J is the talent behind Little Cotton Rabbits (some of you may remember I fell in love with them quite some time ago). It’s a love affair that hasn’t faded as J”s gift for creating these tiny creatures continues. But, she’s also a Mum and as time has passed I have begun to understand a little of the life she and her family live.

It’s never easy being a parent. We try our best to pass on the values we cherish to our children, but society gets in the way. The things I hold dear, such as tolerance, compassion and respect are sometimes lost amongst  a desire to consume and to be seen consuming … bigger houses, faster cars, swankier designer clothes…

Believe me, I’m not immune – I love my accessories, my nice car etc etc. BUT, I have worked hard for these things, bought for their longevity and quality as much as what they say about me (sad middle aged woman who lacks imagination most likely!)

J’s post today started me thinking about the legacy I’ll leave behind. The teen is off to university next year, about to make her own way in the world and although me might not be able to give her much in terms of money and “wealth” I feel we’ve given her much more. She is kind, thoughtful and has a razor sharp wit. I hope that we have passed on to her our values, that it’s who you are not what you have that matters, that a kind word costs nothing and that manners really do “maketh the (wo)man”!

I sometimes wonder  … if more of us shared these values, would the incidents J and others  describe in their blogs still happen? Would the world have less ignorance, selfishness and greed? Would we be more tolerant of those who are visibly different? Who knows …

I can only hope that I’ve done a decent job …

Here’s to hope.

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  1. heikeknits

     /  October 11, 2011

    Spoken from my heart..and I am sure you have done a stirling job with the Teen. If she is anything like her Mum…she is just lovely Hx


  2. I cannot imagine what J must go through on a daily basis. My son is now 33 (where did the years ago) – he is clever, witty, charming, considerate, helpful ……. I hope I can claim some credit for how he has turned out!
    You would think that people could distinguish between bad behaviour and the behaviour of a child with ….. I don’t know what word to use – problems/issues, and offer support, not condemnation.


  3. Tracey Todhunter

     /  October 12, 2011

    Thanks Ladies, let’s hope there are enough parents out there who feel the same. x


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