Make: Clay Decorations

There was a time, just over a year ago when I thought I’d never really love Christmas the way I used to.  So many loved ones gone, so many memories of happier times that the present just didn’t seem to measure up.

Well, this year I gave myself a good talking to and reminded myself that life is what you make it, and what better way to get in the festive spirit than to get making! These beautiful and simple decorations are simply made using a pack of air drying clay (I use Fimo) and some gold paint. Along with a few pastry cutters and a couple of rubber stamps I made some rather stylish decorations that will adorn my tree, be used to make Christmas cards and even gift tags. One of them travelled to Spain as part of my snail mail swap. I hope it arrived intact!

All you need to do is roll out the clay on a tile or pastry board, use cutters to make the shapes you want. Make a hole with a skewer and then use rubber stamps or embossing tools to decorate. I even used a couple of doilies and if the weather hadn’t been so dreadful I may have ventured out into the garden and picked some fir branches to press into the clay … maybe next year…

After drying over night simply paint with acrylic paint or stamping ink (rub off the excess and allow to dry). Thread with ribbon and use as you wish.

Stylish, simple and really not that expensive!

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  1. tabathatweedie

     /  December 8, 2011

    Great idea – they look really good!


  2. heikeknits

     /  December 8, 2011

    Beautiful! we also loooooove Fimo in our house x


  3. Oh – these look fabulous. Years ago I ha a friend who made tiny brooches (using the cutters from her daughter’s child-size pastry set). After painting and varnishing them, she stuck brooch pins on the back with Araldite


  4. oooh lovely x


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