Oops! Crochet Slipper Errata

Even the most careful designer and eagle eyed tech editor occasionally make a mistake. One Craftseller reader noticed an error  in one of my newest designs, these gorgeous crochet slippers in issue 17. Yes, a section has been left out.

It also became clear that some of my own crochet pupils were having some difficulties with the pattern too, which starts in the round then is worked back and forth.

If you’ve been having trouble, try replacing the beginning of the published pattern with these instructions:

Foundation Round:  Work as published pattern to end of round 2:

Now work in rounds  until toe measures 9cm from foundation round. Remember to remove and replace marker to indicate last stitch on every round. You’ll be working in a spiral, don’t join at the the end of reach round and don’t turn your work.

Next round: With marker to indicate last stitch of round, work until 5 stitches before marked stitch.Leave marker in place, turn work and continue in rows to shape foot as follows (ie 6 stitches are left unworked)

Row 1: Ch1, dc2tog  into 2nd ch from hook, dc to  2  stitches before marker, dc2tog (16 dc)

Continue as published pattern

I’m hoping this photo  will make things a bit clearer. As always, do let me know if you think you’ve spotted an error in any of my designs. And, a huge apology to all those readers who have struggled to make sense of the slipper!

Toe is worked in the round (pink yarn), then foot is worked back and forth (cream yarn). The unworked stitches on row 1 are clearly visible in this photo!

Happy crochet!

Tracey x

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  1. You’re slippers look great fun to make. Another fab pattern Tracey – keep up the good work. I spied your cushions in Inside Crochet – gorgeous (and your little christmas elf shoes too in next edition). I miss my crochet but too busy knitting hats, never mind. Can’t wait to see your next installment of crochet projects x


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