Ooh Look, New Issue of Inside Crochet!

The latest issue of Inside Crochet will be hitting the shelves of your local news agents any day now and yet again you can find one of my simple designs featured on the cover! This month I’ve got a super easy pattern for cosy footstools for you. Mr T declared them the perfect thing to rest his feet on in front of the tv and I had quite a job to persuade him to give them up so I could post them off to the editor. I may have to make a set for him!

There are some fabulous patterns in this issue, do check it out and if you haven’t done so already, drop by the Inside Crochet blog and sign up for their newsletter which promises to be full of news and some great competitions this year. If you look closely, you’ll see a sneaky peek of my favourite design so far, coming up in the next issue. How lucky am I to end the year like this?

I know how lucky I am to be able to turn my passion into a business. I’m a firm believer that life is what you make it, and I’ve had an amazing year in which to create my own crafty reality. We might not be the wealthiest family or have the biggest, best of everything, but we have food on the table, love in our hearts and friendships you can’t put a price on. I can’t rally ask for much more in 2013  … but maybe … a warm, sunny spring to spend in the greenhouse wouldn’t be too much to ask for?

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  1. Wow, well done again! Thoroughly well-deserved success. To keep coming up with design after design, AND sample after sample – so satisfying and simply splendid!


  2. Happy New Year I hope you are as successful in 2013. I am still reaping the benefits of your crochet tutorial day – just can’t stop hooking, many thanks again


  3. Happy New Year! I hope 2013 brings more success for your design work and wonderful crochet creations. I’m already looking forward to Woolfest (although my knitting was sadly neglected last year when I was doing so much sewing for Anne’s shop).
    Anne x


  4. Hi Tracey – I’ve been reading through my copy of Inside Crochet today and couldn’t wait to order some red Paloma yarn (and a chunky new 8mm hook) to make the floor cushion – it looks fabulous on the page, let’s hope my real-life version comes close! Sarah @ hometoroostblog.wordpress.com


  5. Looking forward to seeing lots more of your fab designs on the shelves and on here Tracey! Also some sunny snaps of your garden crops!
    All the best for a very fruitful and satisfying year ahead!
    Ali x


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  • I’m Tracey Todhunter. I’m a freelance writer. specialising in green / ethical living – with a “sideline” in craft!

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  • A throwback to when @andreaellisonphoto & I visited the guys from  @nine_meals_from_anarchy in 2014. So much has changed since then, but I'm still wearing that granny square cowl, coat & wellies combo for gardening! Oh and I lust after a greenhouse this big - think of the possibilities!!! I'm still not comfortable in front of the camera, but Andrea always brings out the best in me. I ♥ all the photos she's taken of me and my crochet!
#grannycoolcrochet #grannysquaresrock #grannysquare #instacrochet #crochetgirlgang #30wears #girlgardener #permaculture #organicgardener #ninemealsfromanarchy All the rhubarb!  My neighbour's crop is showing promise! I'm thinking gin, crumble, maybe some rose petal and rhubarb cordial, rhubarb and ginger jam ... more gin.......I do love rhubarb!!!! My creative space. Today I had a bit of a spring clean & tidied my desk . I took this photo to remind myself how tidy I can be! By Friday it will be a chaotic mess again. You can also see some of my "must haves". Flowers (from a gorgeous posy bought last week in a beautiful posy bottle made by Victoria at Little Wren,  handcream, lip balm and a scented candle - this is a new @willowandhoneyuk candle  bought today from @thelittlecraftcompany it smells divine and the wooden wick crackles in a very satisfying way! I'm working on a new commission for Inside Crochet using super bright shades of cotton, using a lovely wooden hook bought from Beyond Measure at Woolfest last year. On the notice board, a few favourite photos, some paperwork & the ladybird pattern that came free with issue 99 of @insidecrochet . I've put it there to remind me that once this book is finished I can have some fun! There are lots of people tagged in this post - too many to mention - but I love buying lovely things from real people & my workspace reflects that admiration for women who run their own businesses & do it well! Explore the tags and you might discover some new favourites! Flowers everywhere! Bunches of cut flowers in my kitchen, blooms in the bathroom and a desk covered in crochet florals. This spring my designs have been influenced by love of the outdoors.  This is a sneaky peek of a new design, commissioned for issue 100 of @insidecrochet , believe me, this is an issue you will not want to miss!!! #instacrochet #crochetflower #girlgardener #knittersofinstagram #grannycoolcrochet #haaktechniekenbijbel #uncinetto #horgolás Goodbye winter, hello spring! I spent most of the weekend in the garden, tidying and prepping the greenhouse, pricking out seedlings & watching the first Gardener's World of the new season. The greenfinches are skirmishing, the sap is rising, buds are forming and it's light enough to step outside when I wake up. Happy days!
#girlgardener #badbirdwatcher #instagarden #morningslikethese #littlestoriesofmylife #slowliving Happy Mother's day! My Mum (in the headscarf), my Granny, my Auntie. All no longer here, but every mother's day I think of them with love and admiration. And that photo - you can't beat a cheesy 1960's beach holiday photo booth!
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