Make with Mabel

I am absolutely giddy with excitement to share news of a brand new craft studio opening in Cheshire next month.

Based at the Interior design studio “Aunty Mabel’s  Seat”  in Knutsford, a huge range of craft classes, workshops and crafty socials are planned. Rebecca, the interior designer behind the new venture has so many wonderful ideas it’s hard to know where to start to tell you all about it.I’ll be running crochet classes (day and evening) and one off workshops at weekends and weekdays covering all those tips and tricks that every crocheter should know. There will also be knitting (courtesy of my lovely friend Lynne), felting, lampshade making, rag rugging, papercrafts and activities for children!

I’m exhausted just telling you about it.

Launching on 11th May with a chance to meet some of the tutors and see the craft space for yourself, this is going to be the highlight of Cheshire’s crafty calendar! I am absolutely thrilled to be heading back to Knutsford, since the closure of Fibre and Clay, there have been few opportunities to visit and I miss the friendly people, the independent shops, the access to Tatton Park and the fabulous food and drink on offer there.

If you have ever looked at those beautiful craft workshops in magazines such as Mollie Makes, Handmade Living and Craftseller and wished there was one accessible to you, here it is. Just a 5 minute walk from Knutsford railway station and close to the M56, Make with Mabel couldn’t be more convenient for North West crafty types.

Oh – and did I tell you about the Hen parties and the Stitch for Men events? There really is something for everyone here.

You can follow Rebecca on twitter to keep in touch with plans, or contact the shop directly.

Watch this space for more details soon.

Happy crafting xxxx

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  1. OOOh that sounds fab Tracey! Hope you all have oodles of fun enhancing, enchanting and exciting Cheshire’s crafty community!! Ali xx


  2. Tracey

     /  April 25, 2013

    Thank you Ali x


  3. Michelle

     /  April 27, 2013

    What fabulous news!! This is just what we need and I’m so pleased it’s in Knutsford. Will definitely be checking it out.


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