Thank Crochet – It’s Friday!

P1020139I love my Fridays, a  morning at the knit group organised by “daisyfrog”, a mooch around the shops and  a “lazy afternoon”, catching up with emails, writing this blog and generally enjoying the luxury of a “day off”!

Today has been an extra special day. Not only did  “Dave the Postie” deliver Inside Crochet, with my pretty little stool cover in it, he also popped the new issue of Let’s Get Crafting through the letterbox. This was real “Wow I think I’ve finally made it” moment*. I always recommend Let’s Get Crafting to my crochet pupils and it’s a magazine I often buy for myself . I LOVE this magazine. It’s accessible, practical and has great designs in it.  This month you can find two patterns by me in it – my first ever published tea cosy pattern and some cute little egg cosies. I was thrilled to be asked to contribute, so thank you everyone at “LGC”.

Also this week I had lunch with “M”, I’ve mentioned her before. “M” is a crochet pupil turned very good friend and we often treat ourselves to a cheeky lunch break. I had a review copy of Ros Badger’s new book “Hook, Yarn and Crochet”. I took it along to show “M” and somehow it slipped into her bag to be “borrowed”. I didn’t mind. Who better to review a book for new crocheters than someone who is just beginning to find her feet as a crocheter?

Later in the day I got a text from “M”, she’s given me permission to quote it here. As you can see, the book is a huge success. Not only is the book beautifully styled and photographed, the designs are pretty and inspiring. I don’t think I’ll be getting my copy back, but that’s ok. It’s gone to a good home.

M: Hi Tracey, that book you lent me is brilliant. I actually feel I could tackle anything in it because the instructions are so easy to understand and well presented. It’s the best book on crochet I’ve seen so far. Will definitely be making the jute bag…

T: Can I quote that in my review :)

M: Yes, I would be flattered. It’s a book that inspires confidence rather than making you feel defeated before you start. Had been cutting back on crochet books recently but will be making an exception for this one

So, congratulations Quadrille and Ros Badger – one satisfied customer there for sure!

I’m sorry this has been a bit of an “all about me” post, but it’s been that kind of a week. I’ve updated my “in the press page”, so you can see which magazines feature my patterns this month and I promise next week will be more about the garden, life in the country and maybe even a few photos of vintage knitwear…

Happy Making


* Another designer recently listed a list of 20 “Knowing when you’ve made it as a crochet designer“, even though I could tick off 19 out of 20, I still don’t feel like I’ve “made it”, but this month has come pretty close.

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#alpaca #britishyarn #crochet #igcrochet #crochetgirlgang #crochetconcupiscence #madenotmanufactured Slow morning... the last jar of my gin & juniper marmalade on home made spelt loaf. Thanks so much to @thecoffkitchen for reminding me how bread making is a gentle art, not a dark art...
#bread #gin #slowliving
#knitterslovegin #sharphampark
#spelt #permaculture #bakingandmaking Thanks to @textilegarden I found the perfect gift for my best friend at Woolfest, like a tiny acorn our friendship has grown into big oak tree. Years of nurture has given us strong roots. Happy 40 years of frienship Ali xxx I really think poppy seed heads are far more beautiful than the poppies! A break from Woolfest photos today. 
#girlgardener #seeds #gardenersofig #mygardenrightnow Years ago, a guy I followed on twitter wrote an ebook, I reviewed it on my blog and  it became my "go to" Friday night curry book. Now he has a "real life" cook book, published. Congratulations Dan @thecurryguy it's a triumph, sorry I can't be at the New Bookshop to have my copy signed xxxx
#newbook #curry #recipebook #knewhimbeforehewasfamous #fangirl Me: I love your waistcoat, can I take a photo?
Lovely stranger: Yeah, sure ♥
Always love seeing people wear their makes at Woolfest (ps if you know this lovely lady, let me know) @jeaniebags I think she is friend of yours?
#woolfest #crochet #grannysquares
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