Five on Friday: From the Archives

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I often feel that blog posts get “lost in the ether”, read and then forgotten. So this week I’m rounding up a few of my ancient posts. The photography might be a ropey, but hey ho – we’re not all amazing photographers!

  1. This hand salve recipe from 2012 (originally published in 2009) is still a regular make (I’m toying with the idea of doing some step by step photos on Instagram next time I make this, there are only so many times I can repost this with an apology for the pictures!).
  2. It’s not too late to make a batch of rhubarb and ginger gin (although I  started picking damsons today, so that means a batch of Damson Gin in time for Christmas).
  3. I still think this post on reality vs social media reality is relevant. At the moment it seem that everyone I follow on Instagram is talking about their “authentic self” (whatever that means). The truth is, we all present a version of ourselves online, whether it’s editing out the toys from a beauty shot of our living room or adding a little bit of photo shop magic to an almost, but not  quite decent photo of ourselves. I know I’m guilty of a bit of tidying up before I grab my camera – who wants to see a pile of dirty dishes?
  4. I wore my Granny Tank a lot on holiday this year, so for those of you who have mastered a few crochet basics, here’s how to make your own. Even though this photos “shows off my curves” with a little bit too much honesty, I still love it (and done day I’ll share the out takes – the photos Mr T too that didn’t make it to print).
  5. Finally, a recipe for you. We’re eating lots of salads and dips at the moment and these naan breads are perfect for mopping up.

So there you go, five quick reads for the weekend. What am I reading? Well, mostly double glazing brochures and indulging in Diana Henry’s wonderful new book “How to Eat a Peach”  – I’ve got the hardback version, but that soft faux flock cover sets my teeth on edge – so this weekend I’ll be going “old school” and wrapping it in brown paper!

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Five on Friday: Beach Reads

a walk on the cliffs

Now that we’re back from our holiday, Mr T and I are planning a few camping trips to explore more of the British coastline. If you’re heading to the beach this summer, here’s a few beach inspired reads that have made me pause for thought this month:

  • I’ve been reading “No More Plastic” by Martin Dorey (who also wrote the fabulous Campervan Cookbook). A practical guide to cutting your plastic use, it’s full of quick, achievable ideas.
  • Not reading, but watching, I caught the first episode of “Beach Live” on BBC4. Presented by Dan Snow, it’s a fascinating journey along the Jurassic coast. Definitely worth looking up on iPlayer.
  • This piece from the NY Times might get you off your lounger and heading off to do a “two minute beach clean”. Do you know what the most often found piece of plastic is on the average beach?
  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! No trip to the seaside is complete without a cone of soft, dripping ice cream (or even better, heading home for a bowl of fresh, home made gelato)! This new recipe book from La Grotta ices is full of delicious recipes and flavour combinations. There’s a great review on the Happy Foodie. Written by Kitty Travers, it’s a must for ice cream lovers, check out these “sneak peek” recipes from the book in this Guardian piece.
  • Finally, if you fancy discovering a new beach get away, the Great British Beach Guide is a good place to start.

Enjoy your summer x

Photo credit Rosan Harmens on Unsplash