February Meal Plans

OK, so it’s only January 3rd, but I am making a start on ideas for next month – which of course includes Pancake day and Valentine’s day.

I have a Pinterest board with recipe ideas and I’ve been drooling over meatball recipes, so they shall feature this month. Do you have a familiy favourite, a warming winter stew, a quick “tah dah” meal? Do leave a comment below with details, a link to your blog or instagram so I can share.

  1. beef meat balls in herby sauce
  2. sausages roasted on apple and red onion wedges – served with mash & lots of gravy. We use veggie sausages but delicious with meaty chipolatas…(contributed by Sarah via my facebook page – thanks Sarah)
  3. home made pizza
  4. fresh herb and lemon risotto
  5. prawn curry
  6. haddock chowder
  7. potato and chick pea curry
  8. tuna pasta bake
  9. dal
  10. clam chowder
  11. frittata with potato wedges and chill salsa
  12. sausage stew
  13. cottage pie
  14. salmon and boiled potatoes
  15. partridge breasts pan fried (left over from Christmas)
  16. savoury bread and butter pudding
  17. duck breast with cannelini beans, rosemary and masala
  18. bean stew
  19. cauliflower and leek gratin
  20. chicken curry
  21. veg curry with spiced crisp breads (Delicious, Feb 2017 p78)
  22. home made fish cakes
  23. roast chicken
  24. chicken and leek pie
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  • Borage flowers. The leaves & stalks make a brilliant plant food, the flowers are edible - but I grow it because it's just so pretty - & the bees love it.
#girlgardener #mygardenrightnow #permaculture #herbs Away with the fairies! Lovely wander around Stonyford Cottage gardens today. Lots of inspiration. Finished a new shawl. Far too hot to wear it, but luckily my shed is a great backdrop! Yarn is King Cole Riot. 
#crochet #crochetgirlgang #neverenoughshawls #sheshed #madenotmanufactured #crochetlove Free food! Next best thing to growing your own food is eating other people's homegrown. I'm looking after my neighhour's garden & boy does he have a lot of radishes just now! I have written a blog post about more of my favourite (almost) free foods. Link in profile, now I'm off to pickle these radishes.
#frugalfood #foraging #ediblegarden #growyourownfood #girlgardener #allotmenteering #eattheseasons #permaculture  #zerowaste #slowliving #gardentotable #organicgardening #forktofork I'll admit it, I grow this mostly for it's amazing colour - but the stems are delicious sauted with chorizo or streaky bacon!
#mygardenrightnow #girlgardener #girlsthatgarden #permaculture #growyourown #ediblegarden #bakingandmaking #slowliving #organicgardening I do love a formal garden. I walk through this one every Friday on my way to knit group.  Castle Park is a hidden gem.
#gardens #castlepark #parksandgardens
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