May Meal Plans

By the time May comes around we’re picking lots of fresh veg from the garden. As I write this the herbs are flourishing and we are spoilt for choice at meal times. We have thyme, parsley, coriander, oregano and chives, all of these help to add flavour at meal times.

We have rather too much chard at the moment (try it sauted with chorizo – delicious).

Most of our regular favourites have been included in previous months but now that spring is well under way fresh veg is moving centre stage.

There is an abundance of fresh wild garlic (cue risotto, pesto and cod fish cakes flavoured with the flowers). We still have plenty of nettles and soup has featured regularly at the weekends, topped with a poached egg it’s delicious).

Home made pizzas  with big green salads picked from the garden are a weekly treat at this time of year.

New on the menu:

Pork and beans

Pot roast chicken

crab cakes with sweet potato “fries” served with a fresh tomato salsa

Lentil and roast vegetable salad

Spicy veggie curry with roast coconut and onion bhajis

Asparagus and pea shoot tart

Mixed vegetable stew with quinoa

roast veg pasties

Roast tomato “toad” in the hole

My susbscription to Delicious magazine is still earning its keep –  thanks Mr T x

Kimchi and quinoa salad (Delicious magazine May 2017 p100)

Farinata with roast grapes and Ricotta (Delicious magazine May 17 p106)

(Farinata is a type of pancake made with chick pea flour and water)


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  • Borage. I'll be freezing these flowers in ice cube trays for adding to summer Pimms & gin. 
The leaves make a fabulous "tea" to feed tomatoes (mix in a bucket of water with a handful of nettles), it doesn't smell as bad as comfrey feed and much cheaper / greener than the stuff you buy in garden centres!!
#girlgardener #edibleflowers #slowliving #foraging #permaculture #countrywisdom #mygardenrightnow Throwback . Taken on a visit to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire a couple of weeks ago. Can you read that  card? A valet to whiten your converse! Brought back memories of  whitening my Dunlop green flash in the 70's!!!
#chatsworth #converseallstars #conversetrainers Strange sky tonight. Common hogweed. Even the weeds look beautiful in the sunshine today. The flowers and  stems of this one are destined for the dye pot. There are lots of varieties of hogweed, if in doubt don't touch - the sap is highly irritant, even poisonous in some. 
#hogweed #foraging #ecodye #permaculture  #naturaldye #slowliving #bakingandmaking Everyone loves elderflowers - even the cockchafers (maybugs). Last night we sat in the garden drinking the first batch of elderflower champagne, watching the bats & the moths and listening to a blackbird serenading us. The hedgerows are full of elderflowers & champagne is easy to make (easier than cordial), if you have white wine vinegar, lemons & sugar. Click on the link in my bio and type "elderflower champagne" in the search bar. 
#wildfermenation #elderflower #elderflowercordial #elderflowerchampagne #foraging #slowliving #bakingandmaking #cockchafer #wildyeast #permaculture Breakfast yesterday - and again today - but because it's Saturday I'm adding a dollop of creme fraiche! When I was university we ate these because they wer cheap, 30 years on I eat them because they're delicious!!!
Just mash a banana with a tablespoon of cashew nut butter, mix in a beaten egg and drop spoonfuls onto a baking sheet lined with greaseproof paper. Bake at gas mark 6 for about 15 - 20 minutes (until they are brown on top & firm underneath). Serves 1 generous portion!
#bakingandmaking #glutenfree  #grainfree #paleo #recipe #slowliving #sugarfree #justeatrealfood
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